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Our mission is to inspire and unlock creativity

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Eneur: The Entrepreneurship Cell of Kirori Mal College aims to foster in its students an inventive spirit and an entrepreneurial perspective. To assist students in developing their entrepreneurial knowledge and abilities, it provides a range of events and sessions, like workshops and seminars, and mentorship opportunities. Through holding seminars, speaker sessions, competitions, live projects, and other activities, it wants to teach students about entrepreneurship. Eneur ensures its members' overall growth by providing a productive atmosphere that allows them to multitask and prepares them across all areas. Eneur has been working hard to provide students with a perspective on entrepreneurship over the past few years.

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To provide an amalgamation of innovation, creativity and leadership combined with risk-taking ventures driven by pragmatism.




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Collaboration with CISE & 180DC
Collaboration with CISE & 180DC
E-Buzz Speaker Session
E-Buzz Speaker Session
Team at the Business Brain Battle
Business Brain Battle
Freshers 2023
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As the convenor of the entrepreneurship cell at Kirori Mal College, you have an exciting and important role to play in fostering a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation within your college community.


Some ideas include organizing events and workshops to educate students about entrepreneurship and provide them with the skills and knowledge they need to start their own businesses. Providing resources and support to help students turn their business ideas into reality, such as mentorship, networking opportunities, and access to funding. Partnering with local businesses and organizations to provide students with hands-on learning experiences and internships. Encouraging students to participate in entrepreneurship competitions and pitch their business ideas to potential investors.


By supporting and promoting entrepreneurship at Kirori Mal College, you can help create a vibrant and innovative community of young entrepreneurs who are ready to make a positive impact on the world.

Dr. Roopinder Oberoi


Eneur have a significant impact on society, as we provide a platform for students to explore their entrepreneurial potential and turn their ideas into reality. We help create a culture of entrepreneurship among students, inspiring them to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams and start their own businesses through training and education opportunities for students, helping them develop the skills and knowledge they need to become successful entrepreneurs.

Team Eneur is in progress to make a significant impact on society by promoting innovation, encouraging entrepreneurship, building skills and knowledge, fostering partnerships, and contributing to the local economy.

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